Fun Facts

Date Of Birth: September 28th (I'm a Libra). My Astrological Sign is the Scale, so I try my best to maintain a fine Balance between the Yin and the Yang. Zen!
OBRA-Banquet-031Background: I’m a Mutt, lol! Mix of Italian, French Canadian, German, Native... 100% Canadian! ;)
Height: 5’4” (Yah, I'm a shorty lol!) I like to think I make up for my shortness with my Spirit! ;)
Eye Colour: Hazel (Though sometimes they change depending on my mood).
Favourite Animal: Rabbits... But I truly Love All Animals ~ I have 12 pets at home!
Favourite Colour: Baby Blue, Baby Pink... Do Sparkly things count? =D
Favourite Food: I Love Food! Mom’s Spaghetti, Pizza, Healthy Foods... AND I Love Chocolate!!
Favourite Dance: Irish, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap, & Ballet. I really just Love to Dance!
Exercise: I Love Turbo Jam! I also really Love Hot Yoga ~ Great Workout, & So Relaxing!
Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Drawing, Painting, Photography, spending time w/ Loved ones.
Favourite Movie: ‘The Secret’ ~ It opened a whole new world for me & I watch it regularly!
Favourite Book: I Love to read inspirational & self-help books. Anything I can learn & grow from.
Favourite Song/Musician: Anything by Michael Jackson ~ He will always be my ultimate Favourite! But I'm also influenced by Mariah, Celine, Whitney, Beyonce, Adele & all the Greats, really!

Past Professions: I've worked in a Daycare, Ice-Cream Parlor, Hockey Arena, a Trucking Company Office, a Restaurant, a Wedding Cake Bakery... I've even worked at a Liquor Store, been a Beauty Consultant for a Skin Care/Cosmetics Company, and ran my own House Cleaning Business! But by far, my most Favourite Job is my current one as a Singer, Actress, Model! I'm Grateful to wake up and go to work these days! 


Film, Television, Videos & Commercials

You Can Find Krysta Lee Featured in these Productions:
      'Love Child of Andy Warhol & Yoko Ono' (Feature Film)
      'Everything She Ever Wanted' (Lifetime Movie Network)
      'Aftermath 2' (National Geographic)
      'Casino Jack' (Feature Film)
      'The Bridge' (TV Series, CTV)
      'Murdoch Mysteries' (TV Series, City TV)
      'Turn The Beat Around' (MTV Movie)
      'Crash & Burn' (TV Series, Showcase)
      'Family Gathering' (Hallmark Movie)
      'Being Erica' (TV Series)
      'Cold Blood' (TV Series)
      'Covert Affairs' (TV Series)
      'Double Wedding' (TV Movie)
      'Beat The World' (Feature Film)
      'Devil' (Feature Film)
      'Pure Pwnage' (TV Series)
      'Rookie Blue' (TV Series)
      'RED' (Feature Film)
      'Bikers IV' (TV Series)
      'Gramps FairyTales' (Short Film)
      'A Man Of Principles (Series)
      'Last Bride Standing' (Judge, TV Series)
      'Get Real, Get Lucky' (TV Series)
      'Look-A-Like' (P!NK Makeover, TV Series, STAR! TV)
      'Sunlite Vaccuum' (Infomercial)
      'Enforce Security' (Promo Commercial)
      'She Just Came Here To Dance' (Music Video, Neon Rain)
      'FEAR' (Music Video, EMH)
      'Nikita' (TV Series)
      'Instant Cash Canada' (TV Game Show)
      'Breakout Kings' (TV Series)
      'Dreamhouse' (Feature Film)
      'Warehouse 13' (TV Series)
      'Flashpoint' (TV Series)
      'Falling Skies' (TV Series)
      'Alpha's' (TV Series)
      'Sunday's at Tiffany's' (Feature)
      'The Vow' (Feature Film)
      'Degrassi' (TV Series)
      'Breakaway' (TV Series)
      'Lost Girl' (TV Series)
      'She's The Mayor' (Feature)
      'My Babysitter's a Vampire' (Series)
      'Jesus Henry Christ' (Feature Film)
      'The Kennedy's' (TV Mini Series)
      'The Town that Christmas Forgot' (TV Movie)
      'Best Laid Plans' (Series)
      'Befriend & Betray' (Series)
      'Stadium Blanket' (Infomercial)
      'Servitude' (TV Series)
      'Score: A Hockey Musical' (Feature Film)
      'Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure' (Feature Film)
      'Red Lights' (Series)
      'Cosmopolis' (Feature Film) 
      'Total Recall' (Feature Film)
      'The Listener' (TV Series)
      'Bomb Girls' (Mini Series)
      'Polarfoam Insulation' (Commercial)
      'The Rick Mercer Report' (TV Series)
      'Antiviral' (Feature Film)
      'KING' (TV Series)
      'The Black Marks' (Feature Film)
      'The Firm' (TV Series)
      'The Best Guest' (Web Series)
      'Saving Hope' (TV Series)
      'L.A. Complex' (TV Series)
      'An Officer & A Murderer' (TV Movie)
      'Cybergeddon' (Web Film)
      'Fir Crazy' (Film)
      'I'll Follow You Down' (Film)
      'Christmas Song' (Film)
      'Transporter' (TV Series)
      'Suits' (TV Series)
      'Christmas Dance' (Film)
      'Good Witch V' (TV Series)
      'Mortal Instruments' (Film)
      'Hannibal' (TV Series)
      'Empire Of Dirt' (Feature Film)
      'Wolves' (Feature Film)
      'Dangerous Persuasions' (TV Series)
      'Defiance' (TV Series)
      '24hr Rental' (TV Series)
      'Cracked' (TV Series)
      'It Was You, Charlie' (Film)
      'Beauty & The Beast' (TV Series)
      'Orphan Black' (TV Series)
      'Home Again' (ABC TV Movie)
      'Manhattan Undying' (Feature Film)
      'The Calling' (Feature Film)
      'Lucky 7' (TV Film Pilot)
      'Bitten' (TV Show)

      'Christmas Star' (Film)
      'Pompeii' (Feature Film)
      'Satisfaction' (TV Series)
      'Christmas Share' (Film)
      'Deux Nuits' (Film)
      'Mayday' (TV Series)
      'Played' (TV Series)
      'Poltergeist' (Film)
      'Working With The Engels' (TV Series)
      'Hacker' (Film)
      'Karma's A B*tch 2'
      'Clementine' (TV Series)
      'The Divide' (TV Series)
      'Cowboys For Christmas' (TV Movie)
      'Regression' (Feature Film)
      'Pixels' (Feature Film)
      'Bark Rangers' (Feature Film)
      'Transporter' (TV Series)
      'The Greatest Christmas Party Ever' (Film)
      'Christmas Parade' (Film)
      'Zoom' (Feature Film)
      'Remember' (Feature Film)
      'Open Heart' (TV Series)
      '12 Monkeys' (TV Series)
      'Total Frat Movie' (Feature Film)
      'Killjoys' (TV Series)
      'No Deposit' (Feature Film)
      'Between' (TV Series)
      'Dark Matter' (TV Series)
      'Workin Moms' (TV Series)

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