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Krysta Lee & her Band are a group of highly skilled and diverse experienced Musicians. Their Musical backgrounds and Love of performing shines through each and every Show. The unique variety that each of the players brings to the table makes for an undeniably excellent combination! The Band basis consists of the standard Guitar, Bass & Drums, which is built upon from there with additional instruments on occasion. Mixed together with Krysta Lee's stellar vocals and ability to perform with an extensive background in Acting and Dance, Live Shows become most memorable and Entertaining Events!

As a Cross-Over Band, Krysta Lee and the Boys specialize not only in a wide variety of new and classic Top 40 Hits including Dance, Pop, R&B and Rock, but the Group also plays full-on Country Shows, and they often do a combination of the two when required. Their ever-expanding repertoire of songs makes for a top drawing Band suitable for just about any occasion. The Band has been known to take songs on request, & has even gone as far as learning songs in between sets to please the masses! Krysta prides herself on going above and beyond the expectations of the Crowd!

Fronted by the well-rounded Performer Krysta Lee, the Groups vocals are fresh and intoxicating. Overflowing with a positive and charismatic vibe, Krysta‚Äôs high energy beams from within. Unlike many artists that rely on studio mixes for their edge, Krysta Lee is absolutely electrifying on stage! Performing is her greatest gift, and anyone that has witnessed her sing agrees that her ability to captivate her audience is truly incredible. If there's anyone on the scene today demonstrating the 'It Factor', Krysta Lee sure has, and is 'It'! She says that it is onstage that she feels completely at home, and it shows!

Krysta Lee has been making her name known locally by performing both the Canadian & American National Anthems at various Sporting Events such as The Hamilton Bulldogs AHL Hockey Team at Copps Coliseum, as well as The Hamilton Tigercats CFL Football Team at Ivor Wynne Stadium, just to name a couple... Krysta is in high demand as an Anthem Singer, and word of her full Band has been increasingly spreading, accompanied by amazing feedback!

The Krysta Lee Band plays Shows and entertains Audiences on the regular all over Ontario, building their reputation at full speed! Togther they have already played the likes of many well established Venues, including an opening show at the John Labatt Centre in London, ON! To see a full list of past and upcoming shows, click on the 'Calendar' Tab of Krysta Lee's Website. For any questions on how to have the Krysta Lee Band Perform at your next event, email Krysta under the 'Contact' tab of her site.

Booking The Krysta Lee Band is a sure way to make for a fun and successful Event! See you at the next Show!









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