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Fun Facts

Background: Italian, German, Irish, Indigenous, French Canadian

Date Of Birth: September 28th (Libra)
Height: 5’4”
Eye Colour: Hazel
Favourite Animal: Rabbits
Favourite Colour: Baby Blue
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Dance: Irish
Exercise: Bikram Hot Yoga
Hobbies: Photography
Favourite Movie: The Secret
Favourite Book: Mama's Gotta Work!
Favourite Performer: Michael Jackson

Past Professions: I've worked at a Daycare, Ice-Cream Parlor, Hockey Arena, Trucking Company Office, Restaurant, Wedding Cake Bakery, Liquor Store, and was a Beauty Consultant for an online Skincare/Cosmetics Company. I also ran my own House Cleaning Business. My favourite professions are my current ones as an Author, Singer, Actor, and Coach! ♥

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Film, Television, Videos, and Commercials

You Can Find Krysta Lee Featured in These Productions:
  •       Love Child of Andy Warhol & Yoko Ono (Feature Film)

  •       Everything She Ever Wanted (Lifetime Movie Network)

  •       Aftermath 2 (National Geographic)

  •       Casino Jack (Feature Film)

  •       The Bridge (TV Series, CTV)

  •       Murdoch Mysteries (TV Series, City TV)

  •       Turn The Beat Around (MTV Movie)

  •       Crash & Burn (TV Series, Showcase)

  •       Family Gathering (Hallmark Movie)

  •       Being Erica (TV Series)

  •       Cold Blood (TV Series)

  •       Covert Affairs (TV Series)

  •       Double Wedding (TV Movie)

  •       Beat The World (Feature Film)

  •       Devil (Feature Film)

  •       Pure Pwnage (TV Series)

  •       Rookie Blue (TV Series)

  •       RED (Feature Film)

  •       Bikers IV (TV Series)

  •       Gramps FairyTales (Short Film)

  •       A Man Of Principles (Series)

  •       Last Bride Standing (Judge, TV Series)

  •       Get Real, Get Lucky (TV Series)

  •       Look-A-Like (P!NK Makeover, TV Series, STAR! TV)

  •       Sunlite Vaccuum (Infomercial)

  •       Enforce Security (Promo Commercial)

  •       She Just Came Here To Dance (Music Video, Neon Rain)

  •       FEAR (Music Video, EMH)

  •       Nikita (TV Series)

  •       Instant Cash Canada (TV Game Show)

  •       Breakout Kings (TV Series)

  •       Dreamhouse (Feature Film)

  •       Warehouse 13 (TV Series)

  •       Flashpoint (TV Series)

  •       Falling Skies (TV Series)

  •       Alpha's (TV Series)

  •       Sunday's at Tiffany's (Feature)

  •       The Vow (Feature Film)

  •       Degrassi (TV Series)

  •       Breakaway (TV Series)

  •       Lost Girl (TV Series)

  •       She's The Mayor (Feature)

  •       My Babysitter's a Vampire (Series)

  •       Jesus Henry Christ (Feature Film)

  •       The Kennedy's (TV Mini Series)

  •       The Town that Christmas Forgot (TV Movie)

  •       Best Laid Plans (Series)

  •       Befriend & Betray (Series)

  •       Stadium Blanket (Infomercial)

  •       Servitude (TV Series)

  •       Score: A Hockey Musical (Feature Film)

  •       Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure (Feature Film)

  •       Red Lights (Series)

  •       Cosmopolis (Feature Film) 

  •       Total Recall (Feature Film)

  •       The Listener (TV Series)

  •       Bomb Girls (Mini Series)

  •       Polarfoam Insulation (Commercial)

  •       The Rick Mercer Report (TV Series)

  •       Antiviral (Feature Film)

  •       KING (TV Series)

  •       The Black Marks (Feature Film)

  •       The Firm (TV Series)

  •       The Best Guest (Web Series)

  •       Saving Hope (TV Series)

  •       L.A. Complex (TV Series)

  •       An Officer & A Murderer (TV Movie)

  •       Cybergeddon (Web Film)

  •       Fir Crazy (Film)

  •       I'll Follow You Down (Film)

  •       Christmas Song (Film)

  •       Transporter (TV Series)

  •       Suits (TV Series)

  •       Christmas Dance (Film)

  •       Good Witch (TV Series)

  •       Mortal Instruments (Film)

  •       Hannibal (TV Series)

  •       Empire Of Dirt (Feature Film)

  •       Wolves (Feature Film)

  •       Dangerous Persuasions (TV Series)

  •       Defiance (TV Series)

  •       24hr Rental (TV Series)

  •       Cracked (TV Series)

  •       It Was You, Charlie (Film)

  •       Beauty & The Beast (TV Series)

  •       Orphan Black (TV Series)

  •       Home Again (ABC TV Movie)

  •       Manhattan Undying (Feature Film)

  •       The Calling (Feature Film)

  •       Lucky 7 (TV Film Pilot)

  •       Bitten (TV Show)

  •       Christmas Star (Film)

  •       Pompeii (Feature Film)

  •       Satisfaction (TV Series)

  •       Christmas Share (Film)

  •       Deux Nuits (Film)

  •       Mayday (TV Series)

  •       Played (TV Series)

  •       Poltergeist (Film)

  •       Working With The Engels (TV Series)

  •       Hacker (Film)

  •       Reign (TV Series)

  •       Karma's A B*tch 2 (Film)

  •       Clementine (TV Series)

  •       The Divide (TV Series)

  •       Cowboys For Christmas (TV Movie)

  •       Regression (Feature Film)

  •       Pixels (Feature Film)

  •       Bark Rangers (Feature Film)

  •       Transporter (TV Series)

  •       The Greatest Christmas Party Ever (Film)

  •       Christmas Parade (Film)

  •       Zoom (Feature Film)

  •       Remember (Feature Film)

  •       Open Heart (TV Series)

  •       12 Monkeys (TV Series)

  •       Total Frat Movie (Feature Film)

  •       Killjoys (TV Series)

  •       No Deposit (Feature Film)

  •       Between (TV Series)

  •       Dark Matter (TV Series)

  •       I Was Lorena Bobbitt (Lifetime Movie)

  •       Workin' Moms (TV Series)

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