Achieve Supreme Success in Happiness, Love, Health, And Purpose

If you crave more clarity, focus, and fulfilment, and have a desire to radically break through subconscious blocks, dramatically improve your overall abundance, achieve your goals and ultimately bridge the gap to living your best life: meet your new coach! Krysta Lee’s powerful insights and methodologies are tangible, transformational, and packed with ingenious takeaways.


Work privately with Krysta Lee and discover how you can dig-deep to quantum level-up your life! The purpose of her coaching is to inspire, support, and motivate you along your journey by giving you easy action steps to help you get the results you dream of, while integrating positive, significant, and sustainable change. Her warmhearted, open-minded, and non-judgemental approach is guided by intuition, structured with practical systems, and is highly effective at creating powerful shifts. Get ready to peel back the layers to reveal and authentically connect with your highest self!


Krysta Lee is a graduate of Peak Potentials Training, including multiple international on-site courses focused on mindset, business, and relationships (USA and Canada). She is also an “Old-Student” of Vipassana, and studied intensely at the Dhamma Torana Ontario Vipassana Center in Canada. She regularly expands her education with new programs, courses, trainings, workshops, research, literature, podcasts, and private 1:1 coaching in order to deliver extensive knowledge, wisdom, and resources to you, in addition to upgrading her own personal growth and development.


As a result of a traumatic childhood, Krysta Lee learned early-on how to master important life skills to be resilient, adaptable, and persevering. She was born with a condition that expected to leave her permanently crippled; she underwent multiple reconstructive spinal surgeries from infancy to adolescence; and she experienced the loss of her father to cancer when she was eleven. She later reprogrammed her past conditioning and transformed her life through a massive set of comebacks from toxic relationships, poor finances, miscarriages, and more—and now helps others to do the same!


Guided by divine intuition, Krysta Lee bases her approach with your specific needs in mind to intuitively customize a plan of action for you. She is skillful in listening and understanding on a deep spiritual level, and is efficient in selecting which processes and techniques will best serve you. Using herself as an example of overcoming the odds to pivot with intention in areas of her own life, she is proficient in personal story-telling and mindset-shifting; and as an empath she has a powerful way of meeting you where you are on your journey, to naturally help you take the next step.


Over the past twenty years, Krysta Lee invested tens of thousands of dollars, hours, and energy into science based programs and strategic teachings by Tony Robbins; T.Harv Eker; Kimberly Snyder; Bob Proctor; Mel Robbins; and Brendon Burchard, to name a select few. She also works 1:1 with elite coaches, mentors, and healers, including Marcia Miatke, Elizabeth April, Susheela Ramachandran, and Mieka Forte. Her circle of influence includes high-performing leaders and individuals who demonstrate proven principles and techniques that she in turn passes on to you!



While Krysta Lee has been my stand-in on Workin’ Moms for over four years now, she has spiritually been so much more. She believes, sincerely, that managing all of these complicated and challenging elements in her life is, in fact, a gift. This shift in mindset of being thankful had a massive impact on me. Now, if this level of gratitude and enthusiasm seems out of reach for you, I assure you that what you will find is that Krysta’s joy and love of having it all, is truly contagious. I was able to witness the level of commitment this woman applies to all that she does . . . And she’s the real deal.

- Catherine Reitman; Actor, Producer, Writer, Mother

Krysta Lee is intelligent, intuitive and has one of the most nurturing energies I’ve ever come across. This is exactly the type of person you want coaching you through challenging times and celebrating your successes. I would highly recommend having Krysta as your coach and mentor.

- Marcia Miatke; Executive Coach, Best-Selling Author

I’ve worked with Krysta in different capacities over the years, and each experience has been enjoyable, stress-free, and fun! Krysta is an amazing person. She is super passionate, kind, and genuine. She puts 100% into all that she does. Whether it’s singing, acting, writing, or coaching, she is an amazing person to collaborate with, and I highly recommend working with her!

- StephK; Personal Branding Coach, Make-Up Artist

I had the fortunate circumstance of working with Krysta Lee. She is like this form of pure positivity, almost to a super power level—It's very inspiring to be around her because of this. She is committed to teaching and will go to great lengths to help her clients stay on track to their successes. Krysta is incredibly understanding, patient, and is absolutely never judgemental—This was a refreshing approach and really allowed the walls to be removed. I landed my first real professional speaking engagements while working with Krysta, and moved forward in a variety of other areas in my life.

- Myles Drake; Motivational Speaker, Business Owner

Nice to meet you, I’m Krysta Lee

I am a life coach, multi-award-winning best-selling author, actor, and singer with over three decades of combined professional experience. I’m also a mother of two young children, wife to my partner-in-shine, and an activist for self-improvement. My family and I live a conscious lifestyle in rural Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, and we are blessed to have a very happy, healthy, and wholesome home.

Living my best life by the motto #SpreadLove, I’m all about good vibes and positive energy. I am a vegan, nature-loving yogi, guided by universal truth which I explore through meditation, channeling, and journaling. As an optimist, a goal-getter, and a big-dreamer, I’ve had a passion for helping others since early childhood. Some of my favourite things include: dancing, travelling, comedies, and creating art in all forms.

My Backstory

Having faced a variety of adversity from birth into adulthood, I’ve managed to defy multiple medical odds, overcome the loss of a parent at a young age, triumph through toxic relationships, recover from miscarriages, and much more. I began my journey of self-discovery and personal growth in my early teens, and have been hooked on doing the work to evolve ever since. I learned to thrive off of challenge.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the go-to friend and confidant for countless others who sought support, encouragement, and gentle advice. After numerous people suggested I pursue a career in coaching, and upon completing dozens of programs, courses, workshops, seminars, and private coaching of my own, here I am! It feels so good to be here, and I acknowledge this privilege to serve as a gift.

My Accolades

I’m grateful to be featured on numerous television, film, radio, and podcast productions, as well as perform live on stages for tens of thousands of people, and have a professional career in the entertainment industry. My books ranked in multiple #1 best-seller categories, received awards and nominations, five-star reviews, spotlight features, and are included in giveaways, book clubs, and subscription boxes.

By regularly contributing my written work to books, magazines, blogs, websites, and social media platforms, I’m reaching growing audiences around the world, and am humbled by the positive feedback I receive in return. I love engaging with people in person and online, and I enjoy meeting those whose lives I’ve impacted—whether through my original music, or written words that have touched their hearts.

My Purpose

I believe each of us is here for a reason. We all have a purpose, and my purpose is to inspire. Inspiring others makes my heart happy, and brings so much joy to my life! While pursuing my dreams and actively serving to inspire people to transform from wanderers into warriors, I am giving back to others what I have been gifted along my own personal journey, and this moves me in more ways than one can imagine.

Empowering others is important to me because I believe we all have an obligation to make a positive impact on the world. Our future is a direct result of the actions we take today, and I hope to inspire many people to grow for it. My mission is to inspire others to live their best life by healing past trauma, leveling-up the present self, and serving tools to achieve supreme success in happiness, love, health, and purpose.


VIP Quartz


4 one-on-one video calls (one hour per session; to be used within two months)

4 full summary reports (detailing successes, challenges, takeaways, & strategies)

Unlimited correspondence between sessions (via email or direct messages)

1 month of weekly check-ins after your last session (via email or direct messages)

BONUS: VIP discounts on future packages (lock-in your initial investment price for life!)

VIP Opal


8 one-on-one video calls (one hour per session; to be used within four months)

8 full summary reports (detailing successes, challenges, takeaways, & strategies)

Unlimited correspondence between sessions (via email or direct messages)

1 month of weekly check-ins after your last session (via email or direct messages)

BONUS: VIP discounts on future packages (lock-in your initial investment price for life!)

VIP Diamond


12 one-on-one video calls (one hour per session; to be used within six months)

12 full summary reports (detailing successes, challenges, takeaways, & strategies)

Unlimited correspondence between sessions (via email or direct messages)

1 month of weekly check-ins after your last session (via email or direct messages)

BONUS: VIP discounts on future packages (lock-in your initial investment price for life!)

*Half-Priced Discounted Rates Shown Are Available For A Limited Time

Founders Of This New Program Receive A Free Bonus Gift

Priced In CAD, And Inclusive Of Taxes And Fees

Easy Payment Plans Are Available

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from 1:1 VIP coaching?

The purpose of Krysta Lee’s coaching style is to be your accountability and success partner, and to develop a relatable and trustworthy relationship between both individuals that is mutually beneficial. Her role (and goal) is to support you in finding the answers and infinite wisdom within you, and to deliver sustainable lifetime value that you can apply moving forward. With daily habits and practices that are custom-tailored to you based on a series of goal-mapping, you’ll receive knowledgeable, thorough, and organized steps of action that you can implement immediately and indefinitely

The foundation system, modules, and pillars that Krysta Lee guides you through during your sessions are in place to help you leverage your strengths and weaknesses, and to maximize, amplify, and elevate your overall performance. By breaking old patterns, increasing self-love and confidence, and becoming a master-manifester using the law of attraction, you’ll be better equipped to make the necessary connections between the psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual self, so you can truly transform, quantum level-up, and succeed in all areas of your life.

The “interior work” is just as important as the “exterior work”, and connecting the two is the “secret sauce” to living a fulfilled life. Many are surprised at how many layers deep this particular style of coaching goes, and it’s because the interior work is meant to be done in tandem with the exterior tasks at hand, so you can succeed in the long-term, and thrive through whatever challenges may come moving forward. Your sessions can cover a range of desired outcomes, from business to personal, logical and creative, the sky is limitless—and Krysta Lee is excited to celebrate YOU!!

Do I need to prepare anything in advance?

It’s been said that “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” . . . So, yes please! Be as prepared as possible when showing up for your sessions, because this is how you will get the most out of your calls with Krysta Lee. Take advantage of your time with her, and bring as much as possible to the table. The Universe likes speed, and there’s no better time to work toward a brighter future than the present, so bring it!

Some important tools that will accelerate your success rate are: a calendar (paper and/or digital, ie: phone); a notebook; multi-coloured pens; a list of your current goals and desires; a list of your current challenges; any questions you have in advance; and most importantly-an open mind and heart. Anything else that is required will be discussed during your sessions.

How will the coaching be conducted?

The most suitable platform will be determined in advance by yourself and Krysta Lee during your free discovery call or prior to your first session. Zoom video calls are the preferred method of interaction, or alternatives such as Skype, Google Meet, or Facebook Messenger. Links containing any and all details for your meetings will be sent in advance via email when applicable.

What forms of payment are accepted?

The fee for each package is payable via PayPal, electronic transfer, or as otherwise agreed upon between Krysta Lee and yourself. Customized payment plans are available.

Are there any terms and conditions?

As with any professional service of this nature, specific verbiages are put in place to protect both yourself (the client), and Krysta Lee (the coach). You will be sent a full contract to review, sign, and return prior to your first scheduled session. For a list of terms and conditions, please click here: TERMS AND CONDITIONS


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