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Krysta Lee Biography

Ludwig van Beethoven once said “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life”. For Krysta Lee, the power of music is comparable to that of the universe. Her sound is fresh and intoxicating. Soulful. Undeniable. Most captivating is the way in which her songs mirror her integrity as an artist and a person. Overflowing with positive and charismatic energy, Krysta’s shining heart beams from within.

Born September 28, 1983, Krysta Lee entered the world on an abnormally rocky note. She was diagnosed with Spinal Bifida, and endured her first major surgery at the tender age of 9 months old. It was said that she would be restricted to a wheel chair and have little, if any, control of bodily functions. Little did the professionals involved know that this miracle baby was not only about to pull through and live a normal life, but also excel in all areas beginning dance at the age of three. This little girl was truly a force to be reckoned with.

Krysta Lee got her first experience of being in the Spotlight at the tender age of 4 years old. Her Mother enrolled her in local acting classes to help with her extremely shy personality. This lead to further pursuing an interest in the stage in Dance classes, beginning with Ballet and Jazz. Combining Acting and Dance on stage with Music soon became a very imposrtant part of her life that quickly seperated her from the rest. Unlike most children her age, Krysta Lee was raised on the classical, soft rock and oldies music that was played in her parents various country based homes outside of Hamilton, Ontario. In early elementary, she discovered R&B and adult contemporary and found herself inspired by Celine, Whitney and Mariah. She also fell in love with the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Her love for music grew and prompted her to make music of her own as she joined the Children’s International Peace Choir at the age of seven years old. It was at that point that music became her prime passion, which quickly developed into a burning desire to become one of the greatest.

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Achieving great success in the choir and in school, Krysta was eager to continue thriving in the spotlight, and felt a pull to express herself even more creatively. She enrolled in several local Broadway productions, beginning at age eight, performing alongside high school seniors. Every year was packed with Rehearsals, Choir performances, Dance recitals and Broadway plays. “I simply could not get enough of the stage life. I would eat, sleep and live up there if it was acceptable!” Little did she know that life had another serious turning point about to unfold...

In 1994, Krysta's Father was diagnosed with cancer. This changed Krysta's life and the lives of her Family. The ever growing bills that accompanied the disease forced them to cut expenses, eliminating the extra curricular activities of singing, dancing, and acting. Then on January 11, 1995, Krysta Lee’s Father lost his battle to cancer. She was only eleven years old. Within several months of his passing, at age twelve, Krysta was diagnosed with Scoliosis. After a year of failed attempts at wearing a back brace in school, she had no choice but to face a terrifying fifty-fifty chance of making it through a fourteen hour back surgery to straighten her spine with three titanium rods, and a high risk of paralyzation. It was one of the most trying times in her life to date, but it was also a blessing in disguise... The emotional baggage that came along with the death of a parent, accompanied by months of solitude after major surgery quickly began to channel itself into music, songs, poetry, and even art. Encouraged by her mother to stay strong and sing through her heart, Krysta took on a whole new meaning to music and life in general.

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Krysta was determined to face the world with a fighting will, and she was completely moved by the staggeringly positive response from Friends and Family encouraging her along the way. She made a decision to use her past as motivation toward a better future, and she enrolled herself in private vocal lessons with the Hamilton Music Academy, as well as with the successful recording artist and Juno Award nominee Ray Lyell. This led to Krysta’s audition at the first ever edition of Canadian Idol, making the top ten percent out of eleven thousand hopefuls in Toronto. Krysta has since expanded her vocal training with several other instructors including Teresa Nocita-Cirillo, Dianne Ryder & Diana Yampolsky to name a few. She has continued to grow over the years and has blossomed into a spiritually humble, kind and compassionate young woman.


“I believe that every job is a self portrait of the person who did it,

so we must autograph our work with excellence”.

Although Krysta enjoys all genres of music, and has written songs in several different musical categories, Krysta has more recently been drawn to the world of Country Music, which was introduced to her by her then newlywed husband DJ. Her songwriting is uplifting and uninhibited, and often a reflection of her life and its trials and tribulations. Unlike many artists that rely on studio mixes for their edge, Krysta is absolutely electrifying on stage. Performing is Krysta’s greatest gift. Anyone that has witnessed her sing agrees that her ability to captivate her audience is truly amazing. If there's anyone on the scene today demonstrating the 'It Factor', Krysta Lee sure has, and is 'It"! She says that it is onstage that she feels completely at home, and it shows!


“I find myself when I perform, while at the same time I can lose myself and just let go.”

Songs Releases

In the summer of 2008, two of Krysta’s original songs were featured on the Safe 2 Sleep album, a fundraiser for the Sound the Alarms charity. That same summer she recorded a song with Rob Kirkham and Neon Rain for their debut album. She has worked with several different Bands in her early adult career, and is currently working with a Band of her own. You can currently catch Krysta Lee at Various Tribute Shows across Ontario as she Performs as 'Connie Francis', 'Lesley Gore' & more in several Bandstand Shows in Theatres throughout the Year! Krysta is also proud to have been a Vocal Instructor at the ever popular Music School 'Studio E', in Hamilton, ON. She Prides herself on her positive reputation and being a well rounded performer, and is working very hard to expand her Career.


“My biggest goal at the moment is to reach as many people as possible,

so that I may do what I was born to do and help improve the lives of others."


In addition to racing dreams, Krysta has been making her name known locally by performing both the Canadian and American national anthems at various sporting events such as The Hamilton Bulldogs AHL and OHL Hockey Teams at "FirstOntario Centre" (formerly "Copps Coliseum"), as well as for The Hamilton Tigercats CFL football team at "Tim Horton's Field" (formerly "Ivor Wynne Stadium"), and other sporting events throughout the GTA. She also performs all over Ontario with her Band. Togther they have played at numerous venues, including an opening show at the John Labatt Centre in London, ON, as well as entertaining at countless Casino's, Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Fairs, Festivals, Weddings, Corporate and Charity Events, Canadian Music Week 2017, and more! Krysta Lee recently released her Debut EP of 3 original songs which are now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby, and more. Her debut single "My Mistake" also has it's own music video, which is available to view on her Youtube Channel. Yeehaw!! 

Krysta has also reclaimed her place in the acting business and has dove back onto the scene being featured in various productions. She hopes to land a role that will shoot her into the big-time and one day call Mr. Oscar her own! On a more personal note: after experiencing multiple miscarriages, Krysta has finally taken on her most favourite role to date as a Mama... She gave birth at home to a handsome baby boy "Jaxon" on Valentine's Day 2017 - Followed by a most beautiful baby girl "Lillee", less than two years later on January 3rd, 2019. She and her husband "DJ" are beyond grateful to be so blessed!! This brings a whole new meaning to life... beyond all the joys that home life brings to the heart, Krysta Lee hopes to travel the world with the lessons she has learned in life so far, through her gift of music and the power of her words. She currently resides in Prince Edward County, down by the Bay of Quinte West, along with her husband, their two adorable children, and a multitude of pets. She is now offering private coaching services, and is a published author too, with two new book releases coming in the fall of 2020.

“I wish to touch the hearts of people all around the world,
and I hope to inspire them by sharing what has touched mine.”
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