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Krysta Lee is a multi-award-winning and best-selling author, life coach, actor, and singer with over three decades of combined professional experience. She is featured in magazines and online publications; numerous TV, film, radio, and podcast productions; performs live on stages, and speaks at special events.


Living her best life by the motto #SpreadLove, Krysta Lee is all about good vibes and positive energy. She loves her friends, family, followers, and faminals. She is a vegan, nature-loving yogi, guided by universal truth which she explores through meditation, channeling, inner-healing, and journaling.


Thriving off of being in true states of happiness, health, success, and wealth; Krysta Lee prides herself on working hard (playing harder!), exercising regularly, expressing gratitude, and practicing sacred rituals daily. She's an optimist, a goal-getter, and a big-dreamer with a deep love for the arts.


While pursuing her goals and actively helping people transform from wanderers to Warriors, she uses her voice as an activist for personal growth. Empowering others is important to her, and she’s on a mission to inspire as many people as possible to level-up their lives in all areas, too!


Krysta Lee resides in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada with her partner-in-shine, DJ, their two star-seed children, Jaxon and Lillee, and a beautiful menagerie of faminals.

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